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"It would be very wasteful to act rashly now."

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"I, um... I don't believe we've been introduced."

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I know what I have to do now.
5.11 pm Wed, Nov 23

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Edward doesn't have to be told by either of them the myriad reasons why they need to turn themselves out a few weeks after they arrive in Rochester. They're always going to attract attention, but they need to at least appear normal and comfort the sensibilities of those who shouldn't be left wondering.

The rhymes and reasons are always the same, only the trivial details change. That Senior King decides to throw a late Winter ball, to honor his nieces’ engagement, and makes the charitable donation of tickets for all the doctors and their families is simply convenient more than celebrated.


The rich and affluent, and the hanger's on to the rich and affluent, of Rochester waltzed each other around the floor. They talk at tables pressed to the edge of the floor, starting with the weather and the season moving into the topics in vogue and on to the city events to come, circling always the edge of polite business.

Anything but the world outside their doors. All the while back stabbing and conniving at each other with each thought matching their syrupy words.


Just because he understands it all (and hears it all) does not mean he has to embrace it.

Edward does what's required of him (introductions to the Senior, to so many others he smiles at without caring; middling chit chat about the weather and seasons, his sister and brother-in-law, Eastman's seasonal concert, about King's boycotting heir apparent) until it isn't, and he can slip the crowds.
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Beauty does not come with a perquisite on what it causes
and makes no promises and no apologies for the wake it leaves

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[OOM: "Lets go," she said.]

Alice stepped through the door first, dainty and pixie like, an expression of both wonder and vacancy as her eyes opened. Futures were spinning out in her mind like sparkling water droplets everywhere, twisting and settling.

Behind her, tall and unconsciously graceful, was Edward. His posture was more relaxed than ever before here. A crooked smile twitched his lips as he watched his sister take in the bar and all it meant.

"Welcome to Milliways, Alice."

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Slow warning for Alice mun belongs to those afflicted with day hours spent working, but we are here!


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